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Launching our new Recruitment Service

We offer a free consultation  - why not contact us to see how you can save on your recruitment costs? 

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Cost-effective Recruitment Campaigns

Example :

Candidate Salary £35,000

Typical % paid to agency 15-20%

Agency costs : between £5.25k and £7k

Longwood Costs £1.5 - £2k

The above is based on a campaign of

20 hours + Job boards (Some recruitment may not need as many hours)

"We pride ourselves on client and candidate engagement to ensure that, at each stage, all parties receive a positive and professional experience aligned to meeting your strategic recruitment objectives"

Recruitment Services -  Case Study

Recruitment Service Case Study - Image.J

Here at Longwood, we recognise the importance of hiring the right person for your business. As a business owner, you are not necessarily an HR or Recruitment expert which is where we come in. With a wealth of experience, we can support you in attracting, sourcing, engaging, and onboarding the right talent. When running your own business, hiring staff can be time-consuming.

With our help, recruitment can be an efficient, well-structured process that will require minimal time investment from you. Our commitment is to present relevant, quality candidates according to your brief. We charge on an hourly rate as opposed to a % of candidates salary which can really reduce your recruitment costs significantly. 

Our model seeks to continually deliver client value through a time-charged approach which is adaptable to client’s budgets and priorities. We can offer support through either all, or a selection of, the below key stages:

 Understanding Our Client


We will liaise closely with you, the employer to understand your business and its key objectives, the role, and the type of candidate you are looking to find.

We will meet to obtain key information to enable an efficient and targeted recruitment campaign 

This stage is key to us to ensure that our approach delivers value to you. 

Quality of hire

Working closely with you to understand your requirements, we will only present relevant, quality candidates according to your brief.

Cost Reduction

Recruitment agency fees are usually 15-20% of candidates’ annual salary.


We charge an hourly rate, providing you with a value for money, quality service at a fraction of the cost

Time Saving

Hiring staff can be a time-consuming process. 

With our help, recruitment can be an efficient, well-structured process that will require minimal time investment from you.


It is critical that every business is compliant when recruiting and onboarding employees. We have quality systems in place to ensure due diligence which can prevent risk to your business.

Re-imagining Recruitment

Are you struggling with your current recruitment processes and finding it difficult to place the right people into the right roles? Perhaps you need to shorten your time to fill, or you have obstacles in providing a positive candidate experience?


Whatever your recruiting challenges may be, we will work with you to assess your situation, uncover the true core issues, and build a recruitment solution best suited to your needs and goals. We are recruitment experts who can design and execute a customised recruitment process that delivers exceptional business results.


Sourcing, engaging, interviewing, hiring, onboarding … you name it, Longwood Business Support covers it. We are here to help when you need it the most, we’ll partner with you and give the best practical advice and solutions no matter how big or small.