A new way of working

The pandemic has seen many changes including a huge shift towards working from home.

Whilst this can be a welcome break from commuting, it also has it's challenges. We are all aware of the mental health issues that could arise from working and living in the same environment, juggling work and home life and potential isolation.

So, after months of working at home we thought a change of scenery would be nice so we recently tried out a 'Pub Desk' at a local pub / restaurant chain which we'd seen advertised on facebook. We took up the offer of a 3 hour slot, with free wifi, unlimited coffee/tea and water and a sandwich for lunch for the bargain price of £10/person.

I have to say, it was a great change of scenery and feedback from the team was that it was a welcome change ! We will be looking to go back again and hope that other local pubs/restaurants follow suit as we could be working at home for the foreseeable.

Thanks to the team at the Red Barn in Blindley Heath !

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