Building the Team

As directors that are passionate that a strong business support team underpins any successful business, we were obviously keen to make sure that our support team reflects our passion and beliefs.

We've been fortunate throughout our careers to meet some exceptional individuals who are very skilled at what they do but more importantly to us, are personable, warm, friendly and have always added value to wherever they have worked. We wanted to build an experienced team which could provide a wide range of business support, but our aim is always to employ the right people; People who share our passion for providing businesses and our local community with approachable, friendly and flexible support.

We are delighted to welcome Nick Stewart & Sally Williams to the team.

Nick first met us when working for our director, Craig Grobety, over 10 years ago when he came to work with Craig in his placement year from Brighton University. Nick impressed Craig with his approach to work, how fast he learnt and how he was able apply what he had learnt during his placement year. Nick went onto complete his BA (Hons) in Business & Finance and has worked in multiple sectors in different support roles which has helped Nick to be able to offer flexible support in all aspects of Business and we are really pleased that Nick is able to bring this expertise to the team as our Operations Manager.

Sally has an impressive background as an accomplished HR/Recruitment professional having worked for Virgin Atlantic for the last 22 years. She has a huge amount of experience in HR and Learning & Development. Impressively, she qualified as a Springboard® Trainer in 2018 where she delivered workshops to over 200 women (UK & Internationally) giving them the confidence to grow both personally and professionally to achieve their potential with amazing results. Unfortunately, along with many others in the travel industry affected by Covid, Sally found herself in the unfortunate position of being made redundant. Sad and challenging times for Sally, but this presented a great opportunity for us and we were able to offer Sally a position within our team as HR Specialist.

Both Nick and Sally bring a wealth of experience to Longwood Business Support and we are all excited about building the team and the business together !

To read more about them and what they can offer please see our Services and Team page

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