The Big Start-Up

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

So here we are.... Longwood Business Support Services. Here's a little about why we started up....

In 2015 and 2017 my husband, along with his business partner started two companies providing services to the renewable industry sector.

Myself and my colleague, Bev, started working for both businesses, providing Business Support. You name it, we've done it... HR, Accounting, IT, Marketing, making tea, arranging team social events, scanning, filing and shredding. It's what you do in a small business. In my opinion this is what makes it interesting. No day is quite the same when you start up a business.

In the early days, while the directors were working on their new venture, drumming up interest in the Industry, designing and creating their core services, building relationships with customers and suppliers, our business support team were working hard and quietly in the background making sure all systems and processes were in place; bank accounts were set up, the business was VAT registered, customers were invoiced, credit control carried out, suppliers were paid, brochures designed, websites built and management accounts were produced each to provide vital information to the directors to inform them of the businesses financial position.

It became clear that the business support team was a fundamental element of the business, underpinning the directors strategy and ambition and ultimately contributing towards the success of both businesses.

The support we provided allowed the directors to focus on refining their business offering, make decisions about recruitment, find business premises, pay dividends and most importantly provide an uncompromising service to their customers without having to worry if the day to day tasks were being carried out. Four years later, both businesses are turning over more than £700k and have secured work for the next three years on large public sector framework.

With the recent economic challenges due to Covid and the changing landscape of small and medium sized businesses, we’ve been looking at ways we can expand our business support team to provide our services to the wider business community, in particular in our local community.

We feel really passionate that our team of accounting , HR and Business Specialists can help to guide businesses through this challenging period whilst providing the same level of day to day support that we provide to our our directors and their businesses which are still going strong.

And so, he we are launching Longwood Business Support Services. Watch this space for developments on the team and our services and some handy guides to help you get through some of the issues businesses are facing at the moment .

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