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Crawley Businessman investing to support the region’s local economy adapt through Covid-19.

Crawley-based businessman (Craig Grobety) is seeking to inspire confidence in Crawley’s ability to adapt throughout the challenges of Covid by launching a new company which is centred around attracting experienced local professionals who have been affected by the pandemic, and supporting local businesses to successfully adapt/launch.  

Craig, who has founded and developed a number of successful companies within the low-carbon energy sector, has a proven track record in blending commercial best practice with delivering social value and has made a considerable personal investment in launching “Longwood Business Support Services” (LWBS).

LWBS offer professional business support services that aim to help cover the gap left by the Covid Pandemic, and provide opportunity to those seeking to set up their own business or join an enterprise which aims to be at the very heart of the new way in which the UK will do business.


Nick Stewart, the new Operations Manager at LWBS, was himself in this position having found the current job market a tough place, “the current climate is a scary proposition for employees and businesses alike. Having worked with Craig previously, I was really excited to come onboard and help drive this project forward, knowing that we share the same passion to help support local businesses and help them thrive in the challenging times we face”.

Another recent addition to the LBWS Team, Sally Williams, who joins as an HR Specialist says “it’s been an extremely tough time for so many people due to Covid. After working for Virgin Atlantic for 22 years, I was in the unfortunate position of being made redundant. Craig and the team at Longwood Business Support Services offered me an amazing opportunity to bring my skills and expertise to their business and be able to contribute to this fantastic new venture. I am beyond excited to be joining this dynamic team with such a spectrum of skills and experience. I really feel that we can make a difference for local small businesses who are crying out for help and support.”


Craig says, “With the recent economic challenges due to Covid and the changing landscape of small and medium sized businesses, we’ve been looking at ways we can expand our current business support team to provide our services to the wider business community, and in particular in our local community – this has led to the creation of LWBS.”

The Team at LWBS each have substantial professional experience, working in Senior Management and entrepreneur support roles, and are passionate about the potential of building personal relationships through providing experienced, Accounting, HR and Business Support Services.


Craig affirms that “our belief is that Business Support underpins any successful business. The challenges of Covid has left many businesses requiring new and remote methods of support, and by capitalising on the opportunity to centralise key support functions, we can provide vital and company specific support through modern working practices”.


Craig is also looking to invest in seed and early stage businesses, building a portfolio of new businesses based on the solid foundations required to help drive the local economy, and is keen to inspire and financially support budding entrepreneurs launch local businesses.  

He goes on to say, “I aim to help local businesses reach the next step and support local individuals who have a real passion for their work and who provide a quality service, grow into successful businesses. The Launch of LWBS will coincide with the support being offered to these investments and will provide a framework for which they can achieve previously untapped potential”.


For further information, please visit www.longwoodbusinesssupport.co.uk or email info@lwbs.co.uk.

Press Release Monday 12th October