Taking the plunge and setting up a new business yourself can be very exciting but can also be very daunting. In addition to getting to know your market, identifying and engaging with potential customers, you also need to keep any eye on cashflow in those early days and make sure you are compliant when it comes to Employment Law and HMRC. We know how time-consuming and daunting it might be to try and find answers to your questions, such as:


How do I set up my company?

What sort of company should I set up? Sole Trader, Limited, or Partnership?

Who do I need to tell when I set up my company?

How do I Register with Companies House, HMRC for VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE?

Do I need to be VAT registered?


What are my responsibilities as an employer

How do I pay my staff 

Do I need to be registered with the Construction Industry Scheme


Can I employ people and how do I do this?

We are here to offer practical solutions to help you to succeed in running an efficient and effective business. We tailor our approach to your business goals and needs and we believe that working this way together leads to success.